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Costs & FAQs


What is counselling and who can benefit from it?

Counselling can benefit anyone wishing to make changes in their life.  It provides a safe space to explore areas of difficulty with someone not involved in your daily life.  It can help you to:

  • Talk about something you’ve never shared with anyone before

  • Connect with your feelings and emotions and to understand yourself better

  • Explore your relationships with others and make sense of them

  • Build your confidence and self-esteem, allowing you to get the most out of life

  • Find new solutions, or more effective coping strategies, for old problems

What are the costs?

Each individual counselling session costs £50. 

Payment is required when an initial appointment is made in order to secure your booking.


Initial sessions usually last an hour. 


Subsequent sessions will be 50 minutes.


How many counselling sessions will I need?

I offer both short and long-term counselling and the number of weekly sessions needed will vary with each individual.

Sometimes clients come to therapy to help them find solutions to a specific problem, which can be worked through in 6 sessions, or less.  Others may be seeking help to resolve more complex issues, which may involve longer-term counselling of 12 or more sessions.


The sessions are always client-led, so we'll discuss your aims for therapy and your thoughts on the likely number of sessions needed during our initial meeting.

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